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just an update, of sorts...

Posted by XyroDonatus - September 11th, 2019

Hey yall!

I've been feeling pretty ill over the last few days, so I am incredibly sorry if I haven't been as active or as creative as normal. What with uni coming up soon and a whole heap of writing stuff to do, I've just been finding Pixel art really hard to do. And I know I shouldn't worry about it all (Which I'm not ;P) But I do feel the need to apologise for dips in quality, since I do feel bad when people take the time to view my art, or have taken the effort to follow me and my posts, only for me to post mediocre things. So for that, I apologise, but I want to keep trying my best to keep making things despite my ears aching like an ants-nest has decided to invade my skull ;-;

Still, I have a few ideas of things and a couple of bits lined up, so I hope to post them soon, when i get around to completing them.

But please, if anyone has any questions or would like to know more about me or my current art-learning (Since its weird that its only coming up to maybe 2 months of pixel art, so whoop-whoop! :D) then please feel free to do so, since it would be nice to still provide feedback or give answers to things while I'm resting of the oll head-cold.

Anywho, I hope y'all are having a wonderful week, and look forward to seeing more wonderful art, as well as hopefully posting some of my own (Wont be as good, but never hurts to try, eyy? ;3)


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Awww im so sorry your sick! Get some rest and feel better soon! :3

Thank you :3 just been resting up a bunch, so hopefully I'll be back on track soon.

Head colds are so pesky xD although, at the very least, it's an excuse to stay in bed a little longer ;P