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Learning to do pixel art in my free time, so please have patience with me ^-^ I'm not a particularly good artist, so helpful feedback is always appreciated!

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Hmmmm, choices, choices, choices...

Posted by XyroDonatus - 1 month ago

Hey all!

I've been wondering as to exactly what direction to be heading in with my Pixel-art studies, since I really want ot get creative with it. I've been really liking the black and white characters and settings, but those are the ones I feel somewhat comfortable with.

Want to maybe start doing really clean art in the near future, but I'm not really too sure. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

Either way though, I'll likely be getting some new things done soon :3


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Well, you could try do make each piece of art based around a theme, kinda like Inktober.

I could, but to be fair I'm bad when it comes to sticking with schedules and themes, so trying to work around a theme is a little meh :P

I like working on series stuff (like the "of melancholy and madness"), but just want a bit of a change really :3

thank you for the suggestion though, SFN :D

You could maybe try drawing characters or scenes from a story you enjoy, wether it be from a game, book, or tv show.

Or you could try taking a bit of time and come up with new characters that could have a smaller story that you could write down for fun on the side. Thats how I came up with zero and melody.

Both of those are actually fantastic ideas, the second one in particular!

Might take a little time off to think up some fun little characters. Kinda want to do more with the enforcers/Miniforcers, as well as the main MMaM cast too...

Thank you Meg :3

Maybe you could focus more on Sprite sheets? It's a lot of work but it's a handy skill to have.

And, if you wanna focus more on "clean art," practice more on cell-shaded pieces as it forces you to be more precise with your colors and lines.

Maybe dip your toes into some level design, character design, more creatures, etc. An interesting study you could do is attempt to redesign a character that you think could be improved. There's A LOT of anime characters that are "over-designed" and could be toned down a bit or simplified to focus on more prominent features (way too many games and anime give their characters like a thousand unneeded belts and accessories for no reason at all).

Environments could be good as well, if you're really looking for something fresh. Personally, I hate doing environments but I can't deny that whenever an artwork has one it always looks 1000x better.

Pixel-art is a very minimalist art form (of course, it can be complex as well), so maybe you could experiment with different bit ratios like 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, etc.

These are just a few ideas, but you're the artist so you can make what you like. Never get lost in trying new things. Art is supposed to be fun, never lose that :)

All Increadibly good, useful ideas, and things I can try out bit by bit!

I'll likely try all of them at some stage, since I really want to just try out a bunch of new things to dabble in them for the fun of it.

Thank ya kindly, Shmoods! :D